Healthy living is a long term commitment. There are steps you can take right now that will make today healthier than yesterday and pave the way to a healthy living tomorrow. If you have a chronic health condition or want to improve your eating habits for your own personal and physical well being, we have the expertise and the programs in place to help you do it.

At Green Life hospital we have Diet & Nutrition Centre with experienced Dieticians who will provide Diet Chart and Diet counseling according to the physical condition or as per the advice of treating consultant. OPD consultation done at level 4.

Dieticians have extensive experience handling complicated, critical issues like weight management and nutrition concerns facing renal, gastrointestinal, cardiac and pediatric patients as well as those with Diabetes.

We provide counseling and diet chart for

·         Balanced Diet/Healthy Eating

·         Dietary Advice For COVID & POST- COVID Patient

·         Diabetes Mellitus

·         Enteral feeding/Naso-gastric tube feeding

·         Heart Disease

·         Dietary advice for Chemotherapy & Radiotherapy Patient

·         Cancer Patient

·         Dietary Guideline for Kidney & DIALYSIS Patient

·         Dietary Guideline for SPECIAL CHILD

·         Gestational Diabetes Mellitus

·         Lactating Mother

·         Burn patient

·         Pediatric/CHILD Nutrition

·         Vit-D Deficiency

·         Hypothyroidism

·         Weight management/OBESITY

·         Underweight

·         FEMALE NUTRITION (ex: for POST Menopause, Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis)

·         Geriatric Nutrition

Consultants for Diet & Nutrition

Most. Aktara Begum image