Our liver specialists or hepatologists have been at the forefront of groundbreaking advances in the detection and treatment of liver diseases for more than half a century. We have a tradition of excellence and consistently provide compassionate, innovative care.


Green Life Hospital provides personalized care, whatever type of acute or chronic liver disease you may have, including hepatitis B and hepatitis C, liver cancer, or cirrhosis. Our liver disease specialists evaluate the health and function of your liver, ensuring an expert diagnosis and a comprehensive treatment plan that can help stop and even reverse your liver disease.


Department of  Hepatology is devoted to the clinical care of patients with liver disorders. The department is home to excellent patient care, and our specialists employ the most advanced diagnostic and therapeutic services to ensure the best outcomes for each patient. Working closely with a dedicated staff that includes doctors, technologists, nurses, dietitians and more, our care is unsurpassed with the kind of quality and compassion you can expect from a leader in healthcare.

Consultants for Liver & Medicine

Dr. Provat Kumar Podder image
Dr. Shawkat Hossain (Romel) image