The Eye department of Green Life Hospital has comprehensive treatment including basic and advanced treatment for patients. Our highly trained doctors offer specialized treatment for a range of eye problems.

Our trained consultants help in conducting surgeries as well in the prescription of glasses for both adult and children. The hospital contains high profile operation theaters and many of the surgeries do not require hospital admission. The following are the main services:

We will start the following services in OPD soon

3D OCT: To diagnose the micro pathology of retina

ICG: To diagnose the choroidal lesion of eye

Biometry: To measure the appropriate IOL power

Humphrey visual field analysis: To diagnose the glaucoma and neurological lesion

FFA: To diagnose the vascular disease of retina

OCT B-Scan: To see retina

Pachymetry (CCT): To measure the corneal thickness


Green life Hospital offers Emergency Consultation


3D OCT Anterior Chamber Angle


Argon Laser ( Carl-Zeiss): To treat diabetic retinopathy, Retinal vein occlusion etc

YAG Laser (Carl-Zeiss): To treat glaucoma, posterior capsular opacity (PCO)


Cataract Surgery: Phaco surgery & IOL

Glaucoma Surgery: Trabeculectomy

DCR & DCT: Surgery for watering of eyes

Retinal Surgery: Vitro-Retinal Surgery, Retinal Detachment Operation, Vitrectomy Operation with Endolaser

Squint Surgery

Pterygium Surgery with Conjunctival Graft

Oculoplastic Surgery: Ptosis surgery, Reconstructive surgery, Evisceration with Orbital Implant, Enucleation etc.

Consultants for Eye/Ophthalmology

Dr. Sonia Ahsan image
Dr. Salma Parvin image