Vascular Surgery deals with Arterial, Venous and Lymphatic diseases. Vascular Surgery is the only Subject which involves diagnosis and treatment of vascular diseases. Different types of arterial diseases, venous diseases and Lymphatic diseases are performed in this department. The following types of vascular diseases are treated here.

List of Vascular Diseases

           1.     Venous diseases

a.     Varicose Vein

b.    Venous malformation

c.     Haemangiomas

d.    K-T Syndromes

e.     Venous tumour

           2.     Arterial diseases

a.     Different types arterial Occlusive disease

b.    Embolism

c.     Thrombosis

d.    Different arterial injuries

e.     Raynaud’s phenomenon

f.     Buerger’s disease

g.    Gangrene diseases

h.     Aneurysms

i.      Pseudoaneurysms

j.      etc

           3.     Lymphatic disease

a.     Lymphatic disorders

b.    Lymphatic oedema

c.     Lymphangioma circumscriptum

d.    Cystic hygroma

Consultants for Vascular Surgery

Prof. Dr. Mohammad Mahbubur Rahman image