The professionals and expertise of Green Life Hospital are committed to meet all your dental needs in an environment of serene privacy, comfort and professionalism. Being the pioneer hospital oriented dental clinic, we can afford something more than dentistry, including all sorts of maxillofacial surgery and reconstructive & cosmetic surgery. New and updated concepts are always endured here to provide you with a world of exquisite dentistry. We are open round the day (10AM – 2PM), (5PM- 8 PM) at your service.


The department is fully equipped for the treatment of all common dental problems like –

·         Bad breath/halitosis

·         Gum bleeding

·         Discolored tooth

·         Dental calculus/stone

·         Tooth sensitivity

·         Dental caries/tooth decay

·         Dental pain/tooth ache

·         Broken tooth

·         Periodontal/periapical abscess

·         Orofacial infection

Special services

Green Life Hospital dental department provides specialty for some advanced dental and orofacial problems including –

         ·         Missing tooth

         ·         Mal-aligned tooth or malposed tooth

         ·         Orofacial pain

         ·         Impacted 3rd molar tooth

         ·         Congenital deformity of jaw

         ·         Trauma of face & teeth

         ·         Jaw bone fracture

         ·         Oral ulcer and lesions

         ·         Oral cancer

         ·         Jaw cysts and tumors

         ·         Temporomandibular joint diseases

         ·         Salivary gland diseases

Following facilities for some advanced dental and orofacial problems including –

         ·         Sterilized instruments

         ·         Disposable diagnostic instruments (On choice)

         ·         Intra-oral camera

         ·         Special care for children

         ·         Special care for medically compromised patients

         ·         Dental X-ray

         ·         OPG X-ray (Orthopantomogram)

         ·         Instant lab facilities

         ·         Affordable treatment cost

Consultants for Dental and Maxillofacial Surgery

Professor (Dr.) Md. Shamsul  Alam image
Dr. Shahnaz Sultana Beauty image
Prof. Dr. Md. Farid Uddin image
Dr. Tanzila Rafique image
Dr. Tania Parveen image
Dr. Nadia Sultana image