Aim:To provide quality Health care Service:

1. To serve each patient with individualized care through dedicated and professionally competent teams using advanced technology.

2. Making service quality a top priority in all we do.

3. Providing quality healthcare service in all process.

4. Achieving Customer Satisfaction through quality service.

5. To carry on educational and research activities.

6. To participate in the creation of healthier lives within the community.


To become the best healthcare provider in the healthcare sector of the country will create healthier communities by creative individuals to be more responsible for their personal health status. Continuous pursue the quality, Value, Patient, Customer, and Staff satisfaction using advanced technology and efficient leadership.


    Priority    : We care fast.

    Honesty    : We don’t. compromise with honesty.

    Professionalism    : Professionalism is our strength “ We do everything professionally ”.


We create “ hope of life ”.