Department of Paediatric Surgery of Green Life Hospital provides compreshensive paediatric surgical service for infants and children. The Department is under the leadership of Prof. (Dr.) Ashraful Haque Kajol with an experienced medical team. The department is well-known for its achievements in paediatric minimally invasive surgery, paediatric reconstructive urological surgery, childhood incontinence care and pacdiatric tumour surgery, We provide modern laser circumcision, which ensures almost bleeding & pain, and has shorter recovery time and more aesthetic results as compared to conventional circumcision.

Paediatric Surgery is different from other surgical principles as it deals with children, who are special patients because of their otential to grow, anatomic variations, different disease patterns, and different psychology. In paediatric Surgery, precision is of utmost importance and ever vigilance is the rule. We treat our paediatric patients very delicately and with compassion, keeping in mind the motion and feeling of the parents and family.

Consultants for Paediatric Surgery

Prof. Dr. Ashraf Ul Huq Kazal image
Prof. Dr. Kamal M. Choudhury image